TBI, cerebral tumor, epilepsy (Landau-Kleffner Syndrome) and CVA may can cause severe language impairments in children. Most often, such impairments can be recovered only to a certain extent and cause learning disabilities, and social and emotional disorders.

Acquired language disorders allow a correlation between linguistic deficits and cortical and/or subcortical lesioned areas. This way, it is possible to trace a neurophysiological map of language representation in the developing brain.


The Symposium

Professor Franco Fabbro, chair of the IALP Aphasia Committee, organizes on 9 and 10 May 2003 in Cividale del Friuli (Italy) the International Symposium on Neurogenic Language Disorders in Children. World leading scientists in the field of language disorders in children will gather to present the state of the art on the subject and propose lines of future research on the neurophysiological bases of language and rehabilitation of children with neurogenic language disorders. Invited speakers are:  

-          Salvatore Aglioti, University of Rome (Italy)

-          Renato Borgatti, IRCCS “E.Medea”, La Nostra Famiglia (Italy)

-          Franco Fabbro & Alessandro Tavano, University of Udine, (Italy)

-          Helena Leheèkovà, University of Helsinki (Finland)

-          Peter Märien, University of Antwerp (Belgium)

-          Marie-Noëlle Metz-Lutz, University of Strasbourg (France)

-          Bruce E. Murdoch, University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia)

-          Philippe Paquier, Free University of Brussels (Belgium)

-          Isabel Pavão Martins, University of Lisboa (Portugal)

-          Roberto Tuchman, University of Miami (United States)

A special issue of the Journal of Neurolinguistics will gather a selection of the contributions presented by the invited speakers and a selection of posters. The contributions presented   by the invited speakers and a selection of posters will be possibly published in a volume at the Pergamon Press in the IALP series.


-    To define and implement knowledge on the neurophysiological basis of language in the developing child.

-         To propose lines of future research in the rehabilitation of children with neurogenic language disorders.

-    To reduce the negative impact of language disorders on children’s social and emotional life.

International Association of Logopaedics and Phoniatrics (IALP)

IALP is an international  no-profit NGO, founded in 1924, which gathers professionals in the field of speech-pathology from all over the world. It counts affiliations from 56 national associations in more than 30 countries, which together reach more than 125.000 members.

Professor Franco Fabbro, of the University of Udine  and of the Research Institute “E.Medea”, Chair of the IALP Aphasia Committee, is the organizer of the Symposium.



-          Faculty of Education, University of Udine

-          Research Institute IRCCS “E.Medea”, Associazione La Nostra Famiglia



-          Precidency of the Italian Republic

-          Town of Cividale del Friuli

-          Province of Udine

-         Region Friuli Venezia Giulia