International Symposium


 Canussio Castle - Cividale del Friuli (Udine)
9 - 10 May 2003











Friday 9 May 2003  



8.00  Registration
8:30 Presentation of the Symposium
Session 1: Epilepsy and Brain Tumors
8:45  Patho-physiological Basis of Aphasia and Verbal Outcome in Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
Marie-NoŽlle Metz-Lutz (University of Strasbourg)
9:25  Discussion among invited speakers 
9:45  From Landau-Kleffner Syndrome to Autistic Regression: Epilepsy and Acquired  Aphasia
Roberto Tuchman (University of Miami)

Discussion among invited speakers 

10:45  Coffee break
11:00 Language disorder after very early brain lesions associated with paroxysmal abnormalities during NREM sleep
Franco Fabbro (IRCCS "E.Medea" & University of Udine), Alessandro Tavano (IRCCS "E. Medea" & University of Udine), Guido Cristofori (IRCCS "E.Medea" ),  Renato Borgatti (IRCCS "E.Medea" )
11:40  Discussion among invited speakers 
12:00 The Posterior Fossa Syndrome in Children
Peter MariŽn (Free University of Brussels), Sara Vandenwyngaerden (Free University of Brussels), Philippe Paquier (Free University of Brussels) & Peter P.De Deyn (University of Antwerp)
12:40  Discussion among invited speakers 
13:00  Discussion with partecipants 
13.30  Lunch
Session 2: Prognosis and Long Term Effects
15:00  Foundations of Neurorehabilitation in Children: Implications for Language Rehabilitation
Salvatore Aglioti (University of Rome)
15:40 Discussion among invited speakers 
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Recognizable Spontaneous Language Characteristics in a Young Adult Who Became Aphasic as a Child
Philippe F. Paquier, Valerie R. Van Maldeghem, Hugo R. Van Dongen (Free University of Brussels)
17:00 Discussion among invited speakers 
17:20 Discussion with partecipants 
Saturday 10 May 2003
Session 3: Linguistic Symptoms and Rehabilitation
8:30  Late Effects of Childhood Aphasia. A Study into Adulthood
Isabel Pav„o-Martins (University of Lisbon)
9:10  Discussion among invited speakers 
9:30  Acquired Crossed Aphasia in Dextral Children Revisited
Peter MariŽn (Free University of Brussels), Philippe Paquier (Free University of Brussels) & Peter P.De Deyn (University of Antwerp)
10:10 Discussion among invited speakers 
10:30  Sessione Poster - Coffee Break
11:15 Linguistic Deficits in Congenital Cerebellar Malformation
Renato Borgatti (IRCCS ďE. MedeaĒ), Alessandro Tavano (IRCCS ďE. MedeaĒ & University of Udine), Franco Fabbro (IRCCS ďE. MedeaĒ & University of Udine)
11:55 Discussion among invited speakers 
12:15 Recovery From Aphasia After Polytrauma in a Czech Child: What is Lost and What is Left
Helena Lehechovŗ (University of Helsinky)
12:55 Discussion among invited speakers 
13:15 Discussion with partecipants 
13:30 Closing